Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Expand the wine market...but not THAT way!?

It is common knowledge that perception varies from one person to the next. So why then do so many people get so hysterical when research is conducted to quantify what the differences are, and how to use the findings of the research to expand consumption?

One of the problems is mistatements, especially in news headlines. Dr. Utermohlen and I assert sweet wine drinkers are more sensitive tasters, and that this is not necessarily a good thing at all! The headlines for Wine Business and other postings of the press release declare: Study Shows Sweet Wine Drinkers Better Tasters. No, not BETTER - just different and more sensitive.

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Background and research at www.timhanni.com
NEW: check out the new www.yumyuk.com site! Still under development bu coming right along and there are great wine recommendations now in each flavor category, along with recommended sites and expert mavens to consult for Sweet, Hyper-sensitive, Sensitive and Tolerant tasters.