Saturday, November 21, 2009

Points of view, Consumer Wine Awards and other miscellany

Saturday, November 21, 2009 - 6:00 PM

We whould have our formal trade press release and call for submissions for the Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi out by Monday. Really exited about how everything seems to be coming together.

Long day today, starting with a segment on a San Francisco morning show with Henry Tenenbaum, KRON 4 TV. He is a riot and we filmed a piece at the Conservatory of Flowers at Golden Gate Park. Felt like I was back in the jungles of Coconut Grove, Florida with the type of flora surrounding us! Henry is a hoot and LOVES Vignon Seasoning. Did a 'turkey' spot - boneless turkey stuffed and rolled.

Later I met at V Wine Cellars with a group putting together an international wine summit for next April in Yountville. It will be targeted to a high end audience from India and per Rusty Eddy’s comment, “maybe I'll finally come to understand what you've been talking about for so long!”, one of the organizers was looking at me as if I was from Mars while I explained the ‘alternative paradigm’ I introduce in my seminars. I know I come off in a very strange manner to a lot of people. Just ask my wife.

At the end of the meeting everyone was on board and looks like I will be presenting my new, easier to understand, more relevant, inclusive, less off-pissing (like pisses people off less) perspective on how humans create our very individual points of views, preferences and values. I have learned to be much more patient (sometimes) and make sure I get everyone enrolled, although sometimes it just seems I can’t win them all! The group will be about 250 people across a lot of levels of interest and expertise in wine. It also looks like we will be able to conduct a wine tasting/evaluation using our new system creative for the Consumer Wine Awards at Lodi ( This will be a very cool project for me, Pooch and Aaron (the Diversity Wine Awards Llc team) if they decide to use us for the tastings. We are hoping to do an increasing number of events around the world using our system.

Off to Silo’s at the Hatt Building in Napa to hear Kellie Fuller (Kellie in the Morning on KVYN here in Napa). Darryl Borges, a good friend and past drummer with our band, is in town. More pertinent things to say tomorrow!