Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bull S*%t, Breakfast of Champignons

I took this picture many, many years ago and made this poster. Thought it would be fun to share!
A new article just came out in the Guardian (U.K.) written by a really nice guy named Oliver Thring. He attended a dinner I did in Wimbledon as part of my 'Bibendum Tour' in London a couple of weeks age. We spent the evening in Wimbledon with about 16 wine and food writers/bloggers discussing my ideas about individual taste sensitivity and the role it plays in shaping our wine preferences.
After that we attacked Wine and Food Matching conventional wisdoms with gusto! Lots of fun. Ollie was inspired, as were most of the guests, by the step-by-step dismantling of each wine and food myth, demonstrations that provide dramatic evidence that something is amiss with even our most closely held beliefs and then demonstrations incorporating Flavor Balancing that make both wine and food wonderfully delicious even in bizarre and unimaginable combinations.
What I find so challenging in this age of communications is that full and complete concepts cannot be presented very well in the scope of a news article. In this case the entire psychological/neuroscience component of my work was omitted and I have no probelem with that. What cracks me up is how so many people,k who have no clue about the complete scope of my work or the many wonderful chefs, scientists and wine experts I interact and work with on a regular basis.
Oliver had a blast as did I. He and the rest of the crew were really engaged in the demonstrations of taste illusions and in-depth critical re-thinking of wine and food traditions and I applaud him for this great article! Missed a bit of a point - I think wine critics are great, we just need new ideas for millions of other consumers. An alternative, not a threat or replacment.
AND THEN - it hits the blogosphere!
Here are some links to go see the real action that develops!! Love to all - come have lunch with me when you can.